Applies to version: 1.2.0
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AMT - Core functions

Installation and session management

  • amt_mex - Compile binaries (Mex/Oct interfaces)
  • amt_stop - Stop the AMT session and remove all AMT paths

General functions

  • amt_cache - Cache variables for later or retrieves variables from cache
  • amt_disp - AMT-specific overload of the function 'disp'
  • amt_emuexp - Emulate psychoacoustic experiments
  • amt_flags - Return the start-up flags of the AMT
  • amt_load - Load auxiliary data of a model
  • amt_extern - Execute functions in an external environment (e.g., Python)

Paths and configuration

  • amt_configuration - Return the configuration of the AMT
  • amt_auxdatapath - Local path to the auxiliary data
  • amt_auxdataurl - Return and sets the URL of the web address containing auxiliary data
  • amt_basepath - Return the base path of the AMT installation
  • amt_version - Return the version number
  • amt_info - Display the license, technical requirements, status, and authors of a model or modelstage