Applies to version: 1.2.0
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AMT - Common functions

Signal levels and thresholds


  • erb2fc - calculates center frequency from a given erb index
  • erbrate2f - calculates the erb rate from a given frequency
  • f2erbrate - calculates the frequency from the erbrate
  • f2bmdistance - Greenwoods function
  • f2erb - calculates the widt of 1 Cam in Hz at frequency f in Hz
  • f2siiweightings - Speech intelligibility weighted by frequency
  • fc2erb - calculates the ERB index from a given frequency
  • hrtf2dtf - extracts dtf out of hrtf data
  • itd2angle_lookuptable - Create the lookup table
  • itd2angle - Convert ITD to an angle using a lookup table
  • phon2sone - Convert phon to sone
  • sone2phon - Convert sone to phon
  • sph2horpolar - Convert spherical to polar coordinates


Feature extractor

  • localizationerror - Calculates various localization errors from localization responses
  • itdestimator - Calculates ITD from a binaural pair of signals
  • erbest - Estimate the equivalent rectangular bandwidth from an impulse response
  • extractsp - Extract sagittal plane (SP) HRTFs from measurement data
  • ihcenvelope - Inner hair cell envelope extration


  • adaptloop - Applies non-linear adaptation to an input signal
  • fade - Add a rise and fall to the end and beginning of a sequence
  • hannfl - Plots a hann window
  • infamplitudeclip - Perform infinite amplitude clipping on singnal
  • interpolation - Interpolate data
  • optimaldetector - Generic optimal detector for the CASP and Breebaart models
  • bmld - Calculates the binaural masking level difference