Applies to version: 1.1.0

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sig_breebaart2001 - computes the signals for the breebaart2001 experiment


signalout = sig_breebaart2001(inttype,fc,sl,sdur,sphase,nbw,nl,ndur,nphase,hannramp,fs)

Input parameters

inttyp 'target' or 'reference' defines the interval type
fc center frequency
sl overall signal level
sl duration of the signal
sphase interaural phase difference of signal
nbw bandwidth of the noise
nl overall noise level
ndur duration of the noise
nphase interaural phase difference of noise
hannramp duration of the hanning ramps
fs sampling frequency

Output parameters

signalout the generated experimental signal which can be feeded directly into the model


The following parameters for 'nphase' are possible:
'nphase' = 0 no phase difference, correlation = 1; 'nphase' = pi masker interaurally phase reversed, correlation = -1; 0 < 'nphase' < 1 defines interaural correlation

signalout = sig_breebaart2001(inttype,fc,sl,sdur,sphase,nbw,nl,ndur,nphase,hannramp,fs) generates the signals for the breebaart2001 experiment where sinusoidal signals are masked by noise. 'inttyp' determines if it is a target interval (signal + noise) or just a reference interval (noise only). The sinusoidal has a center frequency of 'fc' (in Hz), an overall level of 'sl' (in dB SPL), a duration of 'sdur' (in seconds) and an interaural phase difference of 'sphase' (in rad). The masker is generated at a center frequency 'fc' in Hz, with a bandwidth of nbw (in Hz), duration ndur (in sec), overall level nl (in dB SPL) and an interaural phase difference of 'nphase'. Both signal and masker are gated with hanning ramps with a duration of 'hannramp' (in s). The sampling rate is defined with fs (in Hz).


J. Breebaart, S. van de Par, and A. Kohlrausch. Binaural processing model based on contralateral inhibition. II. Dependence on spectral parameters. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 110:1089--1104, August 2001.