Applies to version: 1.1.0

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ZILANY2014_SYNAPSE - Auditory nerve (AN) synapse model


[ANresp,var_rate, psth] = zilany2014_synapse(vihc,fc,nrep,tdres,fiberType,noiseType,implnt);

Input parameters

vihc Output from inner hair cells (IHCs) in Volts
fc Center frequencies (Hz)
Number of repetitions for the mean rate, rate variance
& psth calculation. Default is 1.
tdres simulation time resolution, fs_mod^(-1)
fiberType Type of the fiber based on spontaneous rate (SR) in spikes/s 1: Low SR; 2: Medium SR (default); 3: High SR.
noiseType Fractional Gaussian noise will be different in every simulation (1), or will be always the same (0, default)
implnt 0...Use approxiate implementation of the power-law (default). 1...Use actual implementation of the power-law functions.

Output parameters

ANresp AN response in terms of the estimated instantaneous mean spiking rate (incl. refractoriness) in nf different AN fibers spaced equally on the BM
var_rate var rate
psth Spike histogram


zilany2014_synapse returns modeled responses of one AN fibers to
a specific inner haircell potential. Please cite the references below if you use this model.


M. S. A. Zilany, I. C. Bruce, and L. H. Carney. Updated parameters and expanded simulation options for a model of the auditory periphery. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135(1):283--286, Jan. 2014. [ DOI ]

M. Zilany, I. Bruce, P. Nelson, and L. Carney. A phenomenological model of the synapse between the inner hair cell and auditory nerve: Long-term adaptation with power-law dynamics. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 126(5):2390 -- 2412, 2009.