Applies to version: 1.1.0

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takanen2013_onsetenhancement - Emphasize the onsets on direction analysis


[thetaOut energyOut]=takanen2013_onsetenhancement(thetaIn,energyIn,fs);

Input parameters

thetaIn the "where" cue of the given hemisphere
energyIn the ventral "what" stream output of the periphery model
fs sampling rate
cfs characterstic frequencies of the model

Output parameters

thetaOut the resulting "where" cue applied in forming of the binaural activity map
energyOut the resulting "what" cue applied in forming of the binaural activity map


This method aims to account for the emphasized role of onsets in localization by the auditory system, and for the variation found in the time resolution of the localization. The steps involved in this method are listed below and a more detailed describtion about the method can be found in in Takanen, Santala, Pulkki 2013 (Sec. 3.2.7)

  1. analyze the cues with two mechanisms
    • 50-ms long time window to evaluate the average information over a longer time frame
    • 3-ms long time frame to analyze the gradients of the cues in order to be sensitive to the onsets
  2. combine the informations obtained with the two mechanisms to
    • obtain the overall "where" and "what" cues
    • emphasize the information obtained with the mechanism employing shorter time frame to give more weight to the onsets


M. Takanen, O. Santala, and V. Pulkki. Visualization of functional count-comparison-based binaural auditory model output. Hearing research, 309:147--163, 2014. PMID: 24513586. [ DOI ]