Applies to version: 1.1.0

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RELANOIBORRA2019_MFBTD - - applies modulation filterbank


[inf, out] = mfbtd(in,lmf,umf,style,fs)

Input parameters

in input column vector.
lmf lowest modulation-filter center frequency, if 0 the output of a 2nd-order Butterworth lowpass filter is additionally computed.
umf highest modulation-filter center frequency, for typical applications choose umf = 1500. If lmf = umf only the output of a single filter at lmf is computed.
style determines fc of the lowpass filter: 1 = 2.5 Hz, 2 = 7.5 Hz.
fs sampling rate in Hz, should be greater than 8000 Hz to avoid aliasing errors.

Output parameters

inf center frequencies of the modulation filters
out each column of martrix out contains the output of a single modulation filter


applies a modulation filterbank as used in Relano-Iborra et al. 2019