Applies to version: 1.1.0

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MOORE2016_SPECTRUM - calculate the spectrum for an audio segment of 2048x2 samples


[fLeftRelevant, LLeftRelevant, fRightRelevant, LRightRelevant] = moore2016_spectrum(s, Fs, dBMax, wHann, vLimitingIndizes)

Input parameters

s input signal
Fs sampling frequency [Hz]
dBMax maximum dB
wHann matrix with window coefficients in columns
vLimitingIndizes indices for fft assembly

Output parameters

fLeftRelevant frequency of relevant components left ear
LLeftRelevant level of relevant components left ear
fRightRelevant frequency of relevant components right ear
LRightRelevant level of relevant components right ear


returns relevant components, i.e. components that have at least -30 dB SPL and at least 60 dB less than the maximum component, 4 vectors are returned: frequency and level for the left ear, and same for the right ear dBMax is the rms level of a full scale sinusoid hann windows and limiting indizes for the 6 FFTs are passed so they are calculated only once much is done with intensity rather than level so that nonzeros() works correctly without the need of excemptions

version for TVL 2016 based on ANSI S3.4-2007 and Moore & Glasberg (2007)