Applies to version: 1.1.0

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MAY2011_FIREPRINT - Colormap that increases linearly in lightness (with colors)


cmap = may2011_fireprint(n)

Input parameters

n The number of elements (256)


Further on, the following options can be applied:

'minColor' The absolute minimum value can have a different color ('none'), 'white','black','lightgray', 'darkgray' or any RGB value ex: [0 1 0]
'maxColor' The absolute maximum value can have a different color
'invert' (0), 1=invert the whole colormap

Colormap that increases linearly in lightness (such as a pure black to white map) but incorporates additional colors that help to emphasize the transitions and hence enhance the perception of the data. This colormap is designed to be printer-friendly both for color printers as as well as B&W printers. Credit: The idea of the passages over blue&red stems from ImageJ's LUT 'Fire' Our colormap corrects the color-printout-problems as well as the non-linearity in the fire-colormap which would make it incompatible with a B&W printing.


figure; imagesc(peaks(200)); colormap(fireprint) colorbar

figure; imagesc(peaks(200)); colormap(fireprint(256,'minColor','black','maxColor',[0 1 0])) colorbar

figure; imagesc(peaks(200)); colormap(fireprint(256,'invert',1,'minColor','darkgray')) colorbar