Applies to version: 1.1.0

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lyon2011_design - computes all the filter coefficients needed to run Lyon's CARFAC model


CF = lyon2011_design(n_ears, fs, CF_CAR_params, CF_AGC_params, CF_IHC_params)


This function designs the CARFAC (Cascade of Asymmetric Resonators with Fast-Acting Compression); that is, it take bundles of parameters and computes all the filter coefficients needed to run it.

Input parameter:
n_ears : number of input signals fs : sampling frequency [Hz] CF_CAR_params : struct, pole-zero filter cascade parameters CF_AGC_params : struct, automatic gain control parameters CF_IHC_params : struct, inner hair cell parameters
Output parameter:
CF : filter coefficients

Defaults to Glasberg & Moore's ERB curve: ERB_break_freq = 1000/4.37; % 228.833 ERB_Q = 1000/(24.7*4.37); % 9.2645

All args are defaultable; for sample/default args see the code; they make 96 channels at default fs = 22050, 114 channels at 44100.