Applies to version: 1.1.0

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langendijk2002_comp - Comparison process according to Langendijk et al. (2002)


[ si ] = langendijk2002_comp( target,template )
[ si ] = langendijk2002_comp( target,template,s,do,flags )

Input parameters

target modified DFT for one target position and both ears
template internal DTF-templates for all positions and both ears

Output parameters

si monaural similarity indices (one for each template entry)


langendijk2002_comp compares the spectral features of an internal spectral representation of a target sound with an internal template. As spectral similarity criterion either the crosscorrelation coefficient ('xcorr') or a mapped version of the standard deviation of inter-spectral differences ('std') can be used.

The function accepts the following optional parameters:

's',s Standard deviation of transforming Gaussian function (only for comparison process: std). The default value is 2.
'do',do Differential order. The default value is 0.
'std' Use the 'std comparison process. This is the default.
'xcorr' Use the 'xcorr comparison process.