Applies to version: 1.1.0

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KELVASA2015_ANPROCESSING - AN model used in Kelvasa and Dietz 2015 binaural model


[APvec] = kelvasa2015_anprocessing(electrodogram, vTime);

Input parameters

electrodogram N x M matrix of electrode current values in (microA) with N being the number of CI electrodes and M being a time vector with 1/pulse rate/maxima sampling frequency
vTime time vector in seconds with M samples

Output parameters

APvec N x 2 matrix of AN spikes with Nx1 holding indices of the spiking neuron and Nx2 holding corresponding spike time in seconds.


KELVASA2015_anprocessing(insig,fs,varargin) computes auditory nerve spike times over a given population of AN fibers using a simulated electrode nerve interface as detailed in (Fredelake & Hohmann (2012))


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