Applies to version: 1.1.0

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joergensen2011_combineinformation - Combine information


output = joergensen2011_combineinformation(input,SNRs,conditions,Nsp);

Input parameters

input Cell array with the SNRenv results for each processing condition (n),SNR (k), and speech sample (q)
SNRs Vector with the SNRs used
conditions Vector with the procssing conditions used.
Nsp Number the number of speech samples in the XXX

Output parameters

output Structure containing the SNRenv


The output struct contains the following fields:

.combined_aud [n,k] Matrix with overall SNRenv for each
processing condition and SNR
.SNRenvs Cell array {n,k,q} with entries for each
condition, SNR, and speech sample. Each entry is Matrix with an SNRenv value for each XXX

joergensen2011_combineinformation(input,SNRs,conditions,Nsp) combines the SNRenv across modulation and audio filters. It is also possible to extracts other information such as the excitation patterns or long-term spectra.