Applies to version: 1.1.0

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hauth2020_fftcon - Cancellation process


[Mixsigmin, Mixsigmax, ECparams4Opt] = hauth2020_fftcon(MixsigL,MixsigR,fc,fs,sigmadelta0,Delta0,bin_inaccuracy)

Input parameters

MixsigL Left ear signal
MixsigR Right ear signal
fc center frequency of frequency channel
fs sampling frequency
sigmadelta0 term to calculate binaural processing inaccuracy
Delta0 term to calculate binaural processing inaccuracy
bin_inaccuracy flag indicating the use of (1) binaural processing inaccuracies or (0) assuming binaural processing to be deterministic

Output parameters

Mixsigmin EC processed signal using the minimization strategy
Mixsigmax EC processed signal using the maximization strategy
ECparams4Opt Structure containing EC parameters (Delay and Uncertainties)


First, left and right ear signal are transformed to frequency domain in order to calculate the cross power spectral density. By calculating the angle of the CPSD and, the frequency dependent ITD can be obtained by dividing the angle by the angular frequency. In order to obtain the final ITD value for the frequency band, an integration window derived from the absolute value of the CPSD is applied.