Applies to version: 1.1.0

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carney2015_generateneurogram - generates a neurogram from HL parameters


[psth,neurogram_ft] = carney2015_generateneurogram(stim,Fs_stim,species,ag_fs,ag_dbloss,CF_num,dur,iCF,fiber_num,CF_range,fiberType)

Input parameters

stim stimulus
Fs_stim sampling frequency
species can be either human ('2') or cat ('1')
ag_fs Frequencies at which the audiogram should be evaluated
ag_dbloss Hearing loss [dB] at the frequencies 'ag_fs'
CF_num Corresponds to the number of fibers between lowest and highest frequency. The fibers will be equidistantly spaced on the basilar membrane.
dur stimulus duration
iCF frequency index of the fibres of interest
fiber_num number of fibres
CF_range range over which the fibers should be spaced; [lowest f highest f]
fiberType Type of the fiber based on spontaneous rate (SR) in spikes/s

Output parameters

psth peri-stimulus time histogram
neurogram_ft (fine-timing) neurogram


provides a neurogram from a set of frequencies and hearing loss [dB] at those frequencies