Applies to version: 1.1.0

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bruce2018_innerhaircells - inner hair cell potential


vihc = bruce2018_innerhaircells(insig, fc, nrep, dt, duration, cohc, cihc, species)

Input parameters

insig input stimulus [time x 1]
fc vector of center frequencies [Hz]
dt discrete time distance, 1/sampling frequency, needs to be either 100, 200, or 500 kHz
duration stimulus pause duration [s]
nrep number of stimulus repetitions (about 10 - 200)
cohc outer hair cell coefficient (1.0...NH)
cihc inner hair cell coefficient (1.0...NH)
species 1 for cat (2 for human with Shera et al. tuning; 3 for human with Glasberg & Moore tuning)

Output parameters

vihc the inner hair cell (IHC) relative transmembrane potential [V] [time x 1]
C1 chirp filter C1 output [time x 1]
C2 Wideband filter C2 output [time x 1]


calculates the inner hair cell relative transmembrane potential [V]