Applies to version: 1.1.0

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breebaart2001_eicell - Excitation-inhibition cell computation for the Breebaart model


y = breebaart2001_eicell(insig,fs,tau,ild)

Input parameters

insig input signal, must be an [n by 2] matrix
fs sampling rate of input signal
tau characteristic delay in seconds (positive: left is leading)
ild characteristic ILD in dB (positive: left is louder)

Output parameters

y EI-type cell output as a function of time


breebaart2001_eicell(insig,fs,tau,ild) compute the excitation-inhibition model on the input signal insig. The cell to be modelled responds to a delay tau (measured in seconds) and interaural-level difference ild measured in dB.

breebaart2001_eicell takes the following optional parameters:

'tc',tc Temporal smoothing constant. Default value is 30e-3.
'rc_a',rc_a Parameter a for dynamic range compression. Default value is \(a=.1\).
'rc_b',rc_b Parameter b for dynamic range compression. Default value is \(b=0.00002\).
'ptau',ptau Time constant for p(tau) function. Default value is 2.2e-3.