Applies to version: 1.1.0

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baumgartner2016_spectralanalysis - Spectral analysis


[mp,fc] = baumgartner2016_spectralanalysis(sig,spl)

Input parameters

sig incoming time-domain signal
spl sound pressure level (re 20e-6 Pa) in dB. Set to NAN in order to bypass internal level adjustment.
type flag for target (default) or template
name identifying string for caching (e.g., 'NH12_baseline')

Output parameters

mp spectral magintude profile. Dimensions (4-6 optional): 1) frequency, 2) position (polar angle), 3) channel, 4) fiber type, 5) time frame.
fc center frequencies of auditory filters


baumgartner2016_spectralanalysis(...) computes temporally integrated spectral magnitude profiles.

baumgartner2016_spectralanalysis accepts the following optional parameters:

'tiwin' Set temporal integration window in seconds. Default is Inf.
'ID' Listener's ID (important for caching).
'Condition' Label of experimental condition (also for caching).

baumgartner2016_spectralanalysis accepts these optional flags:

'target' Processing of a target sound (for caching). This is the default.
'template' Processing of a template sound (for caching).
'gammatone' To apply a Gammatone filterbank instead of the Zilany et al. (2014) model of the auditory periphery.