Applies to version: 1.1.0

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baumgartner2014_virtualexp - - Performs a virtual sound-localization experiment


m = baumgartner2014_virtualexp(p,tang,rang)

Input parameters

p prediction matrix containing probability mass vectors (PMVs) for the polar response angle as a function of the polar target angle (1st dim: response angle, 2nd dim: target angle)
rang polar response angles
tang polar target angles

Output parameters

m item list of virtual experiment


m contains the following columns:

'1:4 azi_target,ele_target,azi_response,ele_response'

'5:8 lat_target,pol_target,lat_response,pol_response'

'9' F/B-C resolved pol_response

baumgartner2014_virtualexp(...) runs virtual localization experiments where the response behavior is based on (predicted) polar response PMVs.

baumgartner2014_virtualexp accepts the following optional parameters:

'runs',runs Define the number of runs. Default value is 10.
'targetset',ts Define the set of polar target angles. As default 'tang' is used.
'lat',lat Define the lateral target angles. Default value is 0 deg.