Applies to version: 1.1.0

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LLADO2022 - Binaural perceptual similarity


[y_est] = llado2022(ir,stim,fs,NN_pretrained);

Input parameters

ir Impulse response according to the following matrix dimensions: direction x time x channel/ear

Output parameters

y_est Estimated values for perceived direction and position uncertainty.


Optional input parameters:

stim :stimulus. If empty, 250 ms of pink noise fs :(DEFAULT = 48000) NN_pretrained :if empty, a pretrained NN is used. To see details or to train a new NN, please see the script 'demo_llado2022'

LLADO2022(...) is a model for estimating the effect of head-worn devices on frontal horizontal localisation. A neural network (NN) was trained using binaural features of a dummy head wearing different head-worn devices to predict the data from a perceptual test using the same devices. If you want to use your own data, please find in the script 'demo_llado2022' the whole procedure.