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EXP_OSSES2022 - -


data = exp_osses2022(flags)
data = exp_osses2022(..., 'models', models)


exp_osses2022 reproduces the figures from Osses et al. (2022), where the following models are compared: 'dau1997 : Model #1 from Dau et al., (1997) 'zilany2014 : Model #2 from Zilany et al., (2014) 'verhulst2015 : Model #3 from Verhulst et al., (2015) 'verhulst2018 : Model #4 from Verhulst et al., (2018) 'bruce2018 : Model #5 from Bruce et al., (2018) 'king2019 : Model #6 from King et al., (2019) 'relanoiborra2019 : Model #7 from Relano-Iborra et al., (2019) 'osses2021 : Model #8 from Osses and Kohlrausch (2021)''''''''

The following flags can be specified;

'redo' Recomputes data for specified figure
'plot' Plot the output of the experiment. This is the default.
'no_plot' Doesn't plot, only return data.
'models' Vector selecting the models, if not all models to process. For example 'models',[1 3 6] shows the data for Dau et al., (1997), Verhulst et al., (2015), and King et al., (2019) only.

To display Fig. 3 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig3');

To display Fig. 4 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig4');

To display Fig. 5 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig5');
exp_osses2022_3_1.png exp_osses2022_3_2.png exp_osses2022_3_3.png exp_osses2022_3_4.png exp_osses2022_3_5.png exp_osses2022_3_6.png

To display Fig. 6 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig6');

This code produces the following output:

exp_osses2022_4_1.png exp_osses2022_4_2.png

To display Figs. 7 and 8 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig7'); % this flag will obtain both figures, 6 and 7
out = exp_osses2022('fig8'); % this flag will obtain both figures, 6 and 7
exp_osses2022_5_1.png exp_osses2022_5_2.png exp_osses2022_5_3.png exp_osses2022_5_4.png exp_osses2022_5_5.png

To display Fig. 9 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig9');

To display Fig. 10 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig10');
exp_osses2022_6_1.png exp_osses2022_6_2.png exp_osses2022_6_3.png exp_osses2022_6_4.png exp_osses2022_6_5.png exp_osses2022_6_6.png exp_osses2022_6_7.png exp_osses2022_6_8.png

To display Fig. 11 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig11');
exp_osses2022_7_1.png exp_osses2022_7_2.png exp_osses2022_7_3.png exp_osses2022_7_4.png exp_osses2022_7_5.png exp_osses2022_7_6.png exp_osses2022_7_7.png exp_osses2022_7_8.png

To display Fig. 12a or 12b of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig12a');
out = exp_osses2022('fig12b');
exp_osses2022_8_1.png exp_osses2022_8_2.png exp_osses2022_8_3.png exp_osses2022_8_4.png exp_osses2022_8_5.png

To display Fig. 13 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig13');
exp_osses2022_9_1.png exp_osses2022_9_2.png exp_osses2022_9_3.png exp_osses2022_9_4.png exp_osses2022_9_5.png exp_osses2022_9_6.png exp_osses2022_9_7.png exp_osses2022_9_8.png exp_osses2022_9_9.png exp_osses2022_9_10.png

To display Fig. 14a or 14b of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig14a');
out = exp_osses2022('fig14b');
exp_osses2022_10_1.png exp_osses2022_10_2.png exp_osses2022_10_3.png exp_osses2022_10_4.png exp_osses2022_10_5.png exp_osses2022_10_6.png exp_osses2022_10_7.png exp_osses2022_10_8.png

To display Fig. 15 of Osses et al., (2022) use

out = exp_osses2022('fig15');
exp_osses2022_11_1.png exp_osses2022_11_2.png exp_osses2022_12_1.png exp_osses2022_12_2.png exp_osses2022_12_3.png exp_osses2022_12_4.png exp_osses2022_12_5.png exp_osses2022_12_6.png exp_osses2022_12_7.png exp_osses2022_12_8.png


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