Applies to version: 1.1.0

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DEMO_MCLACHLAN2021 - Demo for dynamic full sphere localization model based on Reijniers et al. (2014)


DEMO_MCLACHLAN2021(flag) demonstrates how to compute and visualize the baseline prediction (localizing broadband sounds with own ears) on the full sphere using the localization model from Reijniers et al. (2014).


Baseline prediction: averaged polar and lateral accuracy

This demo computes the baseline prediction (localizing broadband sounds with own ears) for an exemplary listener (NH12).

This code produces the following output:

Experiment conditions:
  Repetitions: 10
Model: mclachlan2021. Downloading auxiliary data: dirs_2000.mat
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Performance Predictions:
Lateral RMS: 9.99
Polar RMS: 6.63
Mean entropy: 1.15bits