Applies to version: 1.1.0

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MODFILTERBANK - Modulation filter bank


[outsig, mfc,params] = modfilterbank(insig,fs,fc);

Input parameters

insig Input signal(s)
fs Sampling rate in Hz,
fc Center frequencies of the input signals

Output parameters

outsig Modulation filtered signals
mfc Center frequencies of the modulation filters.


modfilterbank(insig,fs,fc) applies a modulation filterbank to the input signals insig which are sampled with a frequency of fs Hz. Each column in insig is assumed to be bandpass filtered with a center frequency stored in fc.

By default, the modulation filters will have center frequencies \(0,5,10,16.6,27.77,...\) where each next center frequency is 5/3 times the previous one. For modulation frequencies below (and including) 10 Hz, the real value of the filters are returned, and for higher modulation center frequencies, the absolute value (the envelope) is returned.


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