Applies to version: 1.1.0

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ITD2ANGLE_LOOKUPTABLE - generates an ITD-azimuth lookup table for the given HRTF set


lookup = itd2angle_lookuptable(hrtf,fs,model);
lookup = itd2angle_lookuptable(hrtf,fs);
lookup = itd2angle_lookuptable(hrtf);

Input parameters

hrtf HRTF data set (as SOFA file or struct)
fs sampling rate, (default: 44100) / Hz
binaural model to use:
'dietz2011' uses the Dietz binaural model (default) 'lindemann1986' uses the Lindemann binaural model

Output parameters

lookup struct containing the polinomial fitting data for the ITD -> azimuth transformation, p,MU,S, see help polyfit


itd2angle_lookuptable(hrtf) creates a lookup table from the given HRTF data set. This lookup table can be used by the dietz2011 or lindemann1986 binaural models to predict the perceived direction of arrival of an auditory event. The azimuth angle is stored in degree in the lookup table.

For the handling of the HRTF SOFA file format see


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