Applies to version: 1.1.0

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AUDITORYFILTERBANK - Linear auditory filterbank


[outsig, fc] = auditoryfilterbank(insig,fs);
[outsig, fc] = auditoryfilterbank(insig,fs,...);

Input parameters

insig input acoustic signal.
fs sampling rate.


auditoryfilterbank(insig,fs) applies an auditory filterbank to the imput signal insig sampled with a frequency of fs Hz. The filterbank is composed of gammatone filters with 1 ERB wide filters.

[outsig,fc]=auditoryfilterbank(...) additionally returns the center frequencies of the filter bank.

The following parameters may be passed at the end of the line of input arguments:

'flow',flow Set the lowest frequency in the filterbank to flow. Default value is 80 Hz.
'fhigh',fhigh Set the highest frequency in the filterbank to fhigh. Default value is 8000 Hz.
'basef',basef Ensure that the frequency basef is a center frequency in the filterbank. The default value of [] means no default.