Applies to version: 1.1.0

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hohmann2002_filter - Construct a Gammatone filter within the HOHMANN2002 framework


hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, gamma_order);
hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, gamma_order, bandwidth_factor);
hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, bw, attenuation_db, gamma_order);

Input parameters

a_tilde Complex-valued filter coefficients
fs Sampling rate (in Hz)
fc Centre frequency (in Hz)
bw Filter bandwidth (in Hz)
gamma_order Gammatone filter order
bandwidth_factor Bandwidth factor with respect to 1 ERB. Default: 1.0


hohmann2002_filter(a_tilde, gamma_order) specifies the complex-valued filter coefficients directly as at the beginning of Sec. 2.3 in Hohmann (2002).

hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, gamma_order) computes filter coefficients for sampling rate fs, center frequency fc, and order of the gammatone filter gamma_order. The filter bandwidth will be 1 ERB. Filter coefficients are computed according to Eq. 13 and 14 from Hohmann (2002).

hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, gamma_order, bandwidth_factor) uses filter bandwidth of bandwidth_factor ERB (instead of 1 ERB).

hohmann2002_filter(fs, fc, bw, attenuation_db, gamma_order) designs the filter such that for the bandwidth bw, the attenuation attenuation_db at the corner frequencies of the filter is reached. Filter coefficient are computed as in Eq. 11 and 12 from Hohmann (2002)


V. Hohmann. Frequency analysis and synthesis using a gammatone filterbank. Acta Acustica united with Acoustica, 88(3):433--442, 2002.